Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

This is a cosmetic tattoo technique used to simulate the appearance of very short hair on bald scalp, to provide camouflage that makes thinning hair less obvious, or to help hide various types of scars.

Hair Systems

Also known as “hair pieces”, “systems”, or “non-surgical hair replacement,” this is another option for those who are not, for one reason or another, suitable candidates hair transplantation. Consisting of a fine mesh to which individual strands of real human hair are attached, hair systems are held in place using a special adhesive that is periodically applied to the scalp. A quality hair system applied and maintained by a skilled stylist can provide a very pleasing appearance. The chief advantage of a hair system is that it is able to provide a degree of density (thickness) and area of coverage that a hair transplant cannot; however, hair systems tend not to be able to equal the naturalness of a skillfully performed hair transplant, can be uncomfortable to wear (especially in hot, humid weather), involve regular, ongoing maintenance in a salon (every 2-6 weeks), and can be quite expensive (sometimes in the range of thousands of dollars a year).

Cosmetic Cover-Ups/Camouflage

There are a variety of different colored powders, “microfibers”, creams, and sprays on the market that can help camouflage the scalp and minimize the see-through appearance of thinning hair. Some of these products cling to the hair shaft, as well, adding volume and fullness to the hair. They are sweat- and water-resistant to varying degrees; all come off easily with shampoo and must be reapplied as desired.